Finding your dream job isn’t easy. There are many different things to consider, and the decision to move on or stay where you are is a complicated one. We understand where you’re coming from, and appreciate that the work/life balance is so important — and yet sometimes seems impossible to reach. We can ease the way. We don’t have a crystal ball, and we can’t see what is going to happen any more than you can, but we can minimise the stress and make getting that ideal role more achievable.

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We have an in-depth knowledge of our marketplaces and a true understanding of what our clients’ businesses need from potential employees. Having met our clients, we know who the right sort of people are for them, and will only approach you if we think the role is truly suitable. We don’t just look at matching your skills and experience, we look at cultural fit, working environment and chemistry between employer and employee — all the really important things. We’ll discuss each opportunity with you, and find out what you think, and what your motivation, ambitions and aspirations are. 

Only then — if you are interested — will we submit your valuable CV to the client for their consideration. We also offer help and advice with CV writing, interview techniques and full preparation before meeting the client. Your success is our success, after all. We always endeavour to give full, frank feedback — we understand that criticism can hurt, but we also know that it can help. And remember, we will never send CVs out speculatively, only after we have gained your approval.

Have a look at our Current Vacancies to see if we have anything for you. Our clients often ask us to earmark potential candidates for forthcoming vacancies, so make sure you’re considered by sending us your CV! Check out our CV writing tips and interview hints & tips.

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