Recruitment isn’t easy. Trawling through CVs to find good ones, talking to people to weed out the best, then several rounds of interviews — and no guarantee that you’ll even find the perfect employee at the end of it! We can help. We offer a range of services to ensure that you get the people you need, in the most efficient way possible. We resource candidates, carefully review CVs, screen everyone, and make sure that we only ever send you qualified, suitable and interested candidates. We like to meet you first, to ensure that we have a true understanding and appreciation of your organisation, its culture, and the type of people you’re looking for. We look at personality, cultural fit and management style, to make sure we only recommend suitable candidates. We want to make the process as simple — yet as thorough — as it can be.

At Mobilus, we believe we have more to offer prospective employers than a handful of CVs:

  • An in-depth knowledge of the marketplace and a true understanding of the technologies.
  • All candidates screened and qualified before CVs are submitted.
  • Each candidate informed and approval sought prior to submitting CVs.
  • Candidates interviewed and qualified before submission to our clients.
  • Candidates earmarked for future positions.
  • No blanket emailing of CVs; CVs sent only for open positions and qualified requirements.
  • Optional psychometric & technical testing tailored to role requirements.
  • Optional retained search assignment.
  • Optional Assessment Days.

International Clients

We offer a special service for international clients looking to set up in the UK. Having been recommended by the South East England Development Agency and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, we are well placed to help you with your new UK endeavours. We offer far more than recruitment: assessments, testing, setting up interview days, recommended premises, advice on employee benefits and contracts as well as employer best practice, salary benchmarking and referrals for other services e.g. payroll, HR services. We are always looking at long-term relationships with our clients (some of our clients have been with us for ten years) and aim to become a recruitment business partner rather than just a supplier of staff.

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