Things have been busy here at Mobilus – we have been beavering away filling roles and helping Clients and Candidates alike with their recruitment needs.

However, it would appear that over the last few months things have not been so positive in world of Thomas Cook, HSBC and now HP, with many re-entering the job market due to companies failing or redundancy. Our politicians have been arguing in ways unseen for a long time; and even more so with the General Election looming. Frankly, it seems the world has been going madder than it has in some while.

Amongst all the upset and pandemonium that has dominated our screens, I am sure that you will have all been pleased to see that “The Apprentice” has, to all intents and purposes, remained the same. Its glut of “wannabe” Alan Sugars have now started to grace our screens again on a Wednesday night, reminding us that winter is now drawing in. 

It is certainly my guilty watching pleasure, as I am sure it is for many of those involved in the hiring process. We find ourselves asking – are these people really like this or are they just hoping for their Andy Warhol moment? As the weeks progress we will no doubt be unified as we shout at our screens or hide behind the comfy cushions on our sofas due to some of the drivel that is spoken, the cringe-worthy catch phrases or the extraordinary rudeness and disrespect that is shown to other contestants. Although it also seems, sadly, that many MPs/ leaders of our country are guilty of demonstrating this poor example when communicating with each other.  I trust that you, like I am, are hopeful that this show is not indicative of where the recruitment talent pool is going.

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