We offer a selection of services, all tailored to your particular requirements.


Finding suitable candidates for senior or specialist roles can present a real challenge. They may not be actively seeking a new role, or won’t make their CVs available. We can identify and locate or “head hunt” these people for you. As experts within our specialist markets, we are continually building our network of real talent, all of whom are happy to hear from us with new opportunities.


Where the resource or skill you require is less rare, we can undertake a recruitment – or selection – campaign on your behalf. The emphasis is on finding, filtering and screening the applicants to ensure that only the strongest ones are forwarded for your consideration. We can also carry out initial interviews, as well as any technical/skills tests necessary. We are often asked to earmark potential candidates for future requirements, so we always have people on hand and ready to go.

An optional service is an Assessment Centre, which is useful in situations where many potential candidates exist, all with similar skills which meet the selection criteria – or also where more than one candidate may be required and time is of the essence. A Mobilus Assessment Centre consists of a group evaluation of all qualified candidates, for panel interview, skills testing, psychometric testing etc., in order to identify and select the successful candidate/s within the day.

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