I was reading an article about products that were terrible ideas, with one of them being the Apple Newton. Apple’s response to personal digital assistants (PDAs), the Newton was so bad that it was mocked on The Simpsons for the poor recognition technology it used (or tried) to convert your handwriting into a computer font.
It was marketed as a PDA that could sync to your PC, with a sleek design and a stylus touch screen. Apple brought it out in 1993 and only sold 50,000 units in the first four months – well below any estimates of their market success. Many of the diehard Apple fans claimed the tech was way ahead of its time, but it was mocked by all for its terrible misreading for words and the ridiculous cost, (£553 ($699) at the time. When Jobs returned to the company in 1997 he killed it off swiftly, and with over four years on the market, there was very little to show for it. Now this is the kicker; Jobs did credit the Newton with pushing him to develop multi-touch devices which later become iPhone and iPad.

Now this got me thinking. How often do we let failure hold us back, and how often do we take rejection as a sign that we aren’t good enough or don’t have the ability? Those that succeed in life or get the jobs we wished we could have are often those who have a mind-set that really doesn’t care about what others think about them. Nor do they care about being mocked for trying things that others perceive they “aren’t quite ready for”.
They see each failure as being closer to achieving their goals. Failure is often the stepping stone to success and should be used as a learning tool to unlock your potential and greatness.
So get out there and seize the day – be it launching a new product, starting up a new company or going for a new job!!!!

18 years ago Mobilus started out and we are happy to say that the naysayers didn’t have it right. We are pleased to say we are still here, and will continue our roles of supporting you if you are looking to build your team or find you a new position. Remember YOU are on the road to greatness.


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